Being a Board Member in Germany

A manual for English-speaking members of management boards and supervisory boards of German AG, GmbH and SE

Being a Board Member in Germany Christof von Dryander and Klaus W. Riehmer (Editors), written by Christof von Dryander, Klaus W. Riehmer, Jens Hafemann, Tobias Kircher and Dirk Matthes
2011, 402 pages 
ISBN 978-3-941389-07-6
€ 128,–

Sweet & Maxwell

This book on the obligations of and risks for management and board members in German corporations is intended to serve as a source of general guidance and specific reference for board members in Germany. As a consequence of the globalization of the businesses of many companies, the composition of corporate boards is now much more international compared to a few years ago. Foreign board members in particular require access to English-language sources that help them navigate through the myriads of legal and other requirements that provide the framework in which board members of German companies work.