Business Law in Germany

Business Law in Germany2012, 342 pages
ISBN 978-3-941389-15-1
€ 98,–

Sweet & Maxwell

edited by Hans-Christian Ackermann and Dr. Michael Rath, written by Hans-Christian Ackermann, Dr. Stefan Altenschmidt, Silvia C. Bauer, Rüdiger Bonnmann, Ingo Erberich, Dr. Ulrike Freigang, Dr. Michael Fritzsche, Dr. Franz-Rudolf Gross, Dr. Hans-Georg Hahn, Dr. Richard Happ, Dr. Stefanie Hellmich, Dr. Helmut Janssen, Dr. Thomas Kapp, Dr. Rolf Kobabe, Dr. Thomas Kuhnle, Claudia Leyendecker, Dr. Detlef Mäder, Achim Meier, Dr. Alexander Mönnig, Ulf-Dieter Pape, Dr. Michael Rath, Dr. Wulff-Axel Schmidt, Dr. Volker Schneider, Ulrich Siegemund, Dr. Holger Stappert, Volker Steimle, Dr. Detlev Stoecker, Thomas Weidlich, Reinhard Willemsen, Jutta Wittler and Dr. Angelika Yates

Doing business in Germany offers many opportunities for foreign and domestic investors. This Guide is an introduction to the current legal and tax regimes which are essential to understand when doing business in Germany. The chapters on business law outline the legal alternatives which exist for structuring a company efficiently, as well as employment requirements and real estate matters. Other key topics include IT, copyright and other rules applicable to companies with a business seat in Germany.