Tactics in M&A Arbitration

Tactics in M&A Arbitrationedited by Karl J.T. Wach and Frank Meckes
2008, 478 pages
ISBN 978-3-941389-00-7
€ 198,–

Sweet & Maxwell

Disputes regarding M&A transactions are often subject of arbitration proceedings. Their inherent flexibility creates scope for manoeuvre that, skilfully handled, can significantly contribute to the successful outcome of a dispute. The tactical opportunities of the arbitration process – against the background of eight key jurisdictions – are introduced and discussed in this book:

– Selection of adequate proceedings
– Structuring the arbitration agreement (procedural rules, place and language of arbitration, multi-party situations)
– Preparing the proceedings
– Constitution of arbitration tribunals
– Interim relief
– Institution of proceedings and suspension of limitation periods
– Termination of the arbitration proceedings
– Measures against the arbitration award
– Recognition and enforcement of the arbitration award
– Annex: Comprehensive collection of relevant arbitration rules and national legislation