Fighting Product Piracy

Law & Strategies in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, UK, China, USA

Fighting Product Piracy
edited by Claudia Milbradt, written by Isabel Carulla, Daryl Fairbairn, Anna Gruchol, Jean-Frédéric Gaultier, Ling Ho, Heiner Hugger, Diana Kaufmann, Emmanuelle Levy, Mélanie Loos, Montserrat Lopez-Bellosta, Barbara Maucher, Claudia Milbradt, Alexandra Pygall, Daniel Royle, Wolfgang Schönig and Audrey Shum
2009, 422 pages 
ISBN 978-3-941389-01-4
€ 198,–

Sweet & Maxwell

Counterfeiting and product piracy has become the catchphrase for a white collar crime, which has reached troubling dimensions. This handbook should be of interest to those of you whose everyday work involves safe-guarding the interests of intellectual property by taking measures aimed at combating counterfeiting and product piracy. It provides both an overview of relevant intellectual property rights and the full array of measures that companies can take to enforce their intellectual property rights.